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Social Work

The Social Work program offers a course of study leading to the Bachelor of Social Work degree. The courses are designed to prepare a cadre of professionally competent, ethically based entry level social work generalists who have the skills required to resolve problems in contemporary urban living.

The curriculum focuses on preparing practitioners for multilevel assessment and intervention with the aim of empowering individual groups, families, communities, and organizational systems to overcome challenges. Students are also prepared to contribute to social work research and to address social policy issues through the promotion of social and economic justice. The Social Work Program is accredited at the undergraduate level by the Council on Social Work Education.


Bachelor of Social Work

Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation:120

General Education: 33

Course NumberCourse Name 
IGED - 110 Foundations of Writing in Arts & Humanities 3
IGED - 111 Foundations of Writing in the Social and Natl. Sciences 3
IGED - 210 Discovery of Exploratory Writing in the Arts and Sciences 3
IGED - 120 Foundations in Quantitative Reasoning I 3
IGED - 220 Foundations in Quantitative Reasoning II 3
IGED - 330 Foundations in Oral Communications 3
IGED - 250 Discovery of Effective Use of Technology 3
IGED - 280 Service/Civics and Teamwork 3
IGED - 391 Frontier Exploration Capstone I 1
IGED - 392 Frontier Exploration Capstone II 2
  Foreign Language (two sequential course) 6

Pre-professional Foundation: 23

Course NumberCourse Name 
PHIL - 105 Introduction to Logic3
URST - 105 Introduction to Social Science 3
ANTH - 113 Introduction to Anthropology3
POLI - 205 Introduction to Political Science 3
POLI - 206 Introduction to American Government 3

Select from below for Human Biology Requirement:

Course NumberCourse Name 
BIOL - 101**Biological Science I3
BIOL - 102 Biological Science II3
BIOL - 103Biological Science I Lab1
BIOL - 104 Biological Science II Lab 1
BIOL - 111Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology I3
BIOL - 112Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology II3
BIOL - 113Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology I Lab1
BIOL - 114Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1

Select ONE of the following:

Course NumberCourse Name 
HIST - 279 History of the District of Columbia 3
GEOG - 105 World Cultural Geography 3
URST - 106 Urbanization of the District of Columbia 3

Professional Foundation: 45

Course NumberCourse Name 
SOWK - 292 Intro to Critical Thinking and Intensive Writing 3
SOWK - 310Social Welfare as a Social Institution I3
SOWK - 311Social Welfare as a Social Institution II3
SOWK - 320Human Behavior and Social Environment I3
SOWK - 321Human Behavior and Social Environment II3
SOWK - 332 Social Work Practice I3
SOWK - 333 Social Work Practice II 3
SOWK - 340 Research in Social Welfare I 3
SOWK - 341Statistical Lab I1
SOWK - 342Research in Social Welfare II3
SOWK - 343Statistical Lab II1
SOWK - 433 Social Work Practice III 3
SOWK - 490Practicum I5
SOWK - 491Practicum II5

Required Social Work Electives: 6

Select TWO of the following.

Course Number Course Name  
SOWK - 267 Theories of Drug Abuse: Prevention and Intervention Strategies 3
SOWK - 292 Working with Black families in Urban Communities 3
SOWK - 292 Mental Health Issues in Social Work Practice 3
SOWK - 292 Contemporary Youth: Risk and Resiliency 3
SOWK - 275 Ecology of Health, Illness and Aging 3
SOWK - 364 Concepts of Family and Child Welfare 3
General Electives   13

* This course also meets the general education requirement in Philosophy.

** These courses will also meet the general education requirement in Natural Science.

Note: Credit hours in parentheses should be taken to meet general education requirements and have already been counted.

Additional Comments or Requirements:

A grade point average of 2.5 is required in social work courses. A grade of "C" or better in each practicum course is required. Students begin their core social work courses in their junior year.