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College Administration
Dean April Massey, Ph.D.
Associate Dean Academic Affairs - Lena Walton, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Students - James Maiden, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Development, Outreach, Partnerships and Communication - Ms. Kemmell Watson
Office Manager - Ms. Wilma Thompson
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Political Science

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The Political Science program seeks to empower students through a rigorous academic curriculum that broadens their knowledge of political institutions and processes; instills political awareness and social consciousness; and encourages public service and civic engagement in the District of Columbia, the nation and the global community. It strives to provide students with skills and dispositions that promote life long learning as well as prepare them for the changing trends in the 21st century workforce.

The Political Science program offers the Bachelor of Arts degree. It seeks to serve students by providing a liberal arts experience that includes technological innovation in the classroom, co-curricular activities, and a faculty dedicated to student learning and professional scholarship. By facilitating the educational development of students, the Political Science program seeks to promote the welfare of the residents of the District of Columbia in accordance with the University's mission as an urban land grant institution of higher education.

Mohamed El-Khawas, Ph.D., 202.274.5697/Bldg. 41-413-09
Jerome Hunt, Ph.D., 202.274.7224/ Bldg. 41-400-06
Amanda Huron, Ph.D., 202.274.7244/Bldg. 41-400-11

Adjunct Faculty
Yeisha Thompson, Ph.D., 202.274.7223
Paul Tennassee, M.A., 202.274.6277

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation: 120
Required Courses for the Political Science Program: 33

Course NumberCourse Name 
POLI - 205Introduction to Political Science3
POLI - 206Introduction to American Government3
POLI - 207Black Politics3
POLI - 285Political Ideologies3
POLI - 295Political Research Skills3
POLI - 497Methods of Political Science3
POLI - 498Senior Seminar3
MATH - 185Elementary Statistics3
POLIPolitical Science Electives9

Additional Requirements:

Students must earn a minimum grade of "C" in all required Political Science courses and maintain a program grade point average of 2.5 to continue in Political Science.  Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA to graduate from the University.

Students transferring into the Political Science Program must complete 15 credits of the required 33 Political Science credits at the University of the District of Columbia. These mandatory courses are :

  • POLI-497 Methods of Political Science
  • POLI-498 Senior Seminar
  • POLI Elective

Undergraduate Research Activities

Training students to become outstanding researchers is the hallmark of the Political Science program. Its capstone experience requires students to successfully complete three (3) research-based courses, in sequential order, and apply acquired research skills in conducting a research project that results in the submission of an empirical paper, oral presentation, and defense. The courses are Political Research Skills (POLI 295), Methods of Political Science (POLI 497), and Senior Seminar (POLI 498).  Under the tutelage of program faculty, Political Science majors present their research through poster sessions and presentations at the annual CAS Undergraduate Research Day and annual meetings of discipline-related national organizations.  

Student Organizations

Chi Rho Chapter, Pi Sigma Alpha, National Political Science Honor Society
Political Science & History Students Organization (PSHSO)
Global Affairs and Diplomacy Association (GADA)
(Both PSHSO &GADA are UDC Student Government accredited organizations, active in promoting scholarly, social, and professional development activities for majors and interested students.)

Professional Association Affiliations

The Political Science program has membership in the discipline-related associations of the American Political Science Association and the National Conference of Black Political Scientists.

Co-Curricular and Experiential Activities

Political Science majors participate in a variety of co-curricular and experiential activities designed to model professional and career roles as well as prepare them for emerging job market demands of the 21st century global community.  Washington, D.C., the nation's capitol and seat of local government as well as 176 international embassies, serves as a laboratory offering students the opportunity to interact and observe the practical world of politics.  The annual participation in the Model Organization of American States and Model Arab League*, international organizations simulation programs, allows students to utilized their knowledge of global affairs and interact with the diplomatic community while representing member nations.  

Experiential Activities such as internships and student abroad opportunities provide opportunities for students to model future career options, travel and study in other countries as well as broaden their understanding of peoples and cultures in the global community.  The Congressional Internship Program (CIP) ** allows students to acquire real world experiences as staff interns in a congressional office while earning academic credit.  Internships in the public and private sectors are also available. Study Abroad programs at University of Sunderland, Sunderland England and the recent agreement with La Universidad Autónoma "Benito Juárez" de Oaxaca (UABJO), Oaxaca, Mexico provide students an international study and cultural experience.

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