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Political Science

The Political Science Program offers the Bachelor of Arts degree. Consonant with the goals of the University of the District of Columbia and the College of Arts & Sciences, the Political Science program is committed to using its resources to help solve the urban problems of the District of Columbia metropolitan area. Toward this end, the program seeks to develop an understanding of the major concepts useful for analyzing political and social problems and the centrality of politics in the structure and function of all social systems; to provide assistance to individuals in community programs and political activities which promote the welfare of the citizens of the Washington DC area; to promote awareness of the diverse perceptions of the realities of politics in the United States and on the international level; and to assist students in developing an understanding of racial, minority, socioeconomic, psycho-political, and other major issues in the contemporary world. The Political Science program is designed to prepare students for advanced studies in graduate school and law school, as well as entry into the government service. The program also provides supportive services through opportunities for practical experiences (internships) that enhance student development.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation:
120 Required Courses for the Political Science Program:

Course NumberCourse Name 
POLI - 205Introduction to Political Science3
POLI - 206Introduction to American Government3
POLI - 207Black Politics3
POLI - 285Political Ideologies3
POLI - 295Political Research Skills3
POLI - 497Methods of Political Science3
POLI - 498Senior Seminar3
 Political Science Electives9

Additional Requirements:
A minimum grade of "C" is required in all required Political Science courses.