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(Program Terminated and in Teach Out)

This program is not accepting new applications. The program was discontinued, effective March 27, 2014, as a result of a resolution of the UDC Board of Trustees.  Students currently matriculating as majors will be able to complete their degree program provided they remain continuously enrolled throughout the teach-out period.   A teach-out program for this discontinued major is available for currently enrolled students. 

The Bachelor of Science degree in Physics has two options: the Physics option and the Physics Education option. The Physics Education Option provides the flexibility that enables students to fulfill requirements for teacher certification for secondary schools. Graduates of the Physics program enroll in some of the finest graduate schools in the country.Some are currently enrolled in graduate school, and many have received Master's and Ph.D. degrees in physics and work as research scientists.

The Physics program has a diversified faculty, all of whom hold the Ph.D. degree. Faculty members are strongly committed to teaching and research,and offer the student a challenging opportunity to absorb and create. The physics program provides excellent research opportunities for undergraduate majors enrolled full-time at the University.

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Option 1: Physics
Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation: 120

Required Core Courses:

Course NumberCourse Name 
PHYS - 201, 202, 203University Physics Lecture I, II, III9
PHYS - 205, 206, 207University Physics Lab I, II, III3
PHYS - 211, 212Laboratory Techniques I, II2
PHYS - 331, 332Mechanics I, II6
PHYS - 341, 342Advanced Physics Lab I, II2
PHYS - 345Optics3
PHYS - 346Thermodynamics3
PHYS - 441, 442Modern Physics I, II6
PHYS - 451, 452Senior Project I, II4
PHYS - 461, 462Electricity and Magnetism I, II6
PHYS - 499General Examination in Physics1
PHYSPhysics Electives9

Additional Required Courses:

Course NumberCourse Name 
CHEM - 111, 112General Chemistry Lecture I, II6
CHEM - 113, 114General Chemistry Lab I, II2
APCT - 231, 232Introduction to Computer Science I, II6
APCT - 233, 234Introduction to Computer Science Lab I, II2
MATH - 151, 152Calculus I, II6
MATH - 155, 156Calculus I, II Lab2
MATH - 253Calculus III3
MATH - 255Calculus III Lab1
MATH - 225Linear Algebra3
MATH - 254Differential Equations3

Option 2: Physics Teacher Education

Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation: 144

In addition to the required courses for a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, the following courses are required for students who wish to pursue teacher certification on the secondary level in physics.

Course NumberCourse Name 
SPED - 204Survey of Exceptional Children3
EDFN - 220Foundations of Education3
EDFN - 222Children and Youth in urban Schools3
EDPY - 244Human Development and Behavior3
EDPY - 300Educational Psychology3
RDNG - 315Teaching of Reading in the Secondary Schools3
EDFN - 446Methods of Teaching Science3
EDFN - 471Observation and Student Teaching in the Secondary Schools6

Additional Comments or Requirements:

Registration for physics electives require prior departmental approval. A physics major must earn a grade of "C" or better in each required course.

Students interested in the Teacher Education (Secondary) option should consult with the chairperson of the Department of Education for further academic advisement. Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all required education courses except student teaching, which requires a grade of "B" or better.