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Mass Media

The Mass Media Arts Program consists of a set of required core courses with two concentration options: Journalism and Television Production. The Journalism program prepares students to pursue careers in print media as reporters, copy editors, and editors. Some graduates enter the field of public relations as media or community relations specialists, while others utilize their background to prepare for careers in law and urban studies. The Television Production program prepares students to pursue careers in Television Production and Management, as well as in the government as media specialists. Some utilize this background for careers in marketing, promotions, and sales. After completing 15 credit hours in the major, the student's progress is reviewed by Departmental advisors. Students must maintain a 2.5 grade point average to continue in the major. Students are encouraged to do internships related to their disciplines.

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media

Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation: 120

Required Core Courses for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Media:
Course NumberCourse Name
JOUR - 211Fundamentals of Journalism
MMED - 105Processes of Communication
MMED - 107Introduction to Mass Media
MMED - 214Introduction to Public Relations
MMED - 215Advertising
MMED - 315Writing for Media
SPCH - 115Public Speaking
Option 1: Television Production
Course NumberCourse Name
ARTS - 145Basic Photography
MMED - 116Audio Visual Foundations
TELV - 201Fundamentals of Television
TELV - 211Introduction to Studio Television Production
TELV - 212Advanced Studio Television Production
TELV - 234Fundamentals of Film Production
TELV - 312Introduction to Remote Television Production
TELV - 281Lighting I
THEA - 371Directing I
MMED - 398Directed Study Journalism/Television
MMED - 495Independent Study in Mass Media
MMED - 497Communicative Arts Seminar
Select two courses from the following:
Course NumberCourse Name
ARTS - 110Design Fundamentals
ARTS - 115Graphic Design I
THEA - 111Stagecraft I
Mass Media Electives: Students may select four 3 credit hour courses from courses in Studio Art, Theatre, English, Political Science or PRTC 225 and 226 Scanning and Computer Imaging.
Comments: A minimum grade of "C" is required in all major courses.
Option 2: Journalism
Course NumberCourse Name
JOUR - 212Reporting
JOUR - 213Newspaper Production
JOUR - 311News and Journalism Lab I
JOUR - 312News and Journalism Lab II
JOUR - 314Feature Writing
MMED - 398Directed Study Journalism/Television
MMED - 495Independent Study in Mass Media
MMED - 497Communicative Arts Seminar
PRTC - 207Introduction to Desktop Publishing
PRTC - 227Introduction to Desktop Publishing Lab
ARTS - 110Design Fundamentals
ENGL - 219Advanced Writing
ENGL - 316Advanced Grammar or
ENGL - 290Grammar for Journalism

Electives: Students may select four courses from the following list (12 credit hours) or see advisor for alternative selection.

Comments: A minimum grade of "C" is required in all major courses. To enroll in Independent Study, the student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.8.
Course NumberCourse Name
HIST - 101US History to 1865
HIST - 102US History (Since 1865)
HIST - 111Introduction to African History I
POLI - 205Introduction to Political Science
POLI - 206Introduction to American Government
POLI - 285Introduction to Political Ideologies
PSYC - 201Principles of Psychology I
ECON - 201Principles of Economics I