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Division of Education, Health, and Social Work

Bldg 41, Room 405 
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College Administration
Dean - April Massey, Ph.D.
Associate Dean Academic Affairs - Lena Walton, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Students La Tanya Rogers, Ph.D.
Office Manager Ms. Wilma Thompson
Receptionist Mr. Terry D. Best

Division of Education, Health, and Social Work

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Administration of Justice

Sociology - (Program Terminated and in Teach Out) - This program is not accepting new applications. The program was discontinued, effective March 27, 2014, as a result of a resolution of the UDC Board of Trustees.  Students currently matriculating as majors will be able to complete their degree program provided they remain continuously enrolled throughout the teach-out period.   A teach-out program for this discontinued major is available for currently enrolled students. 

Social Work

Homeland Security (MS)