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BS Psychology

The undergraduate program in the Department of psychology and Counseling acquaints students with a wide range of subfields within the discipline while providing a solid foundation in the major theoretical perspectives of psychology and its scientific approach. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared for graduate study in any area of psychology and for entry level work in research or mental health settings.

Students begin study in the major during the sophomore year with completion of a survey course in psychology. The next semester they enroll in a skills development course designed to strengthen the critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and writing skills needed for more advanced study. In the junior and senior years, students take advanced courses in several course areas: 1. neuroscience/learning/sensation and perception/cognitive psychology; 2. social/personally/developmental psychology; and 3. abnormal/community psychology.

In addition, courses in statistics and experimental psychology are completed. At the senior level, students are encouraged to participate in research or to undertake supervised independent study projects. In the final semester, seniors take a seminar course, a capstone experience which integrates knowledge acquired in courses, practical, and independent research.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation: 120
Total Credit Hours Required for Major: 43

Primary Core Requirements

Course NumberCourse Name 
PSYC - 201Principles of Psychology3
PSYC - 202Critical Skills Development in Psychology3
PSYC - 311Statistics I3
PSYC - 312Statistics II3
PSYC - 313Experimental Psychology3
PSYC - 314Experimental Psychology Laboratory1
PSYC - 420Senior Seminar/Thesis3

Secondary Core Requirements:

Select two of the following three (3) courses:

Course NumberCourse Name 
PSYC - 225Social Psychology3
PSYC - 235Theories of Personality3
PSYC - 245Developmental Psychology3

Select two of the following four (4) courses:

Course NumberCourse Name 
PSYC - 317Sensation and Perception3
PSYC - 318Basic Conditioning and Learning3
PSYC - 319Human Learning and Cognition3
PSYC - 415Introduction to Neuroscience Lecture3
PSYC - 416Introduction to Neuroscience lab1

Select one of the following two (2) courses:

Course NumberCourse Name 
PSYC - 351Community Psychology3
PSYC - 436Abnormal Psychology3

Psychology Electives:

Select nine (9) credit hours:

Course NumberCourse Name 
PSYC - 137Psychology of Adjustment3
PSYC - 228Psychology of Multicultural Relations3
PSYC - 316Introduction to Clinical Psychology3
PSYC - 325Contemporary Topics in Social Psychology3
PSYC - 327Group Processes3
PSYC - 335Tests and Measurements3
PSYC - 336Psychology of Human Sexuality3
PSYC - 343Health Psychology3
PSYC - 346Adult Development and Aging3
PSYC - 352Psychology Practicum3
PSYC - 353Environmental Psychology3
PSYC - 395Independent StudyVC
PSYC - 396Special Topics in PsychologyVC
PSYC - 405History and Systems3
PSYC - 419Psychopharmacology3

Requirements from Other Departments:

Course NumberCourse Name 
BIOL - 101Biological Science I3
BIOL - 103Biological Science I Lab1
BIOL - 102Biological Science II3
BIOL - 104Biological Science II Lab1
MATH - 101General College Math I3
MATH - 102General College Math II3

Additional Requirements:

Select one of the three (3) options below:


Course NumberCourse Name 
PHYS - 101Introduction to College Physics I3
PHYS - 103Introduction to College Physics I Lab1
PHYS - 102Introduction to College Physics II3
PHYS - 104Introduction to College Physics II Lab1
CHEM - 111General Chemistry I3
CHEM - 113General Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM - 112General Chemistry II3
CHEM - 114General Chemistry II Lab1
 Anatomy & Physiology I  3
 Anatomy & Physiology I Lab1
 Anatomy & Physiology II3
 Anatomy & Physiology II Lab1