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College Administration
Dean April Massey, Ph.D.
Associate Dean Academic Affairs - Lena Walton, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Students - James Maiden, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Development, Outreach, Partnerships and Communication - Ms. Kemmell Watson
Office Manager - Ms. Wilma Thompson
Staff Assistant - Mr. Terry D. Best


The Biology Program is located in the Department of Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Program offers two academic degrees: Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master’s of Science in Cancer Biology, Prevention and Control.  These degrees are designed to enhance scientific knowledge and career potential for individuals preparing to become biologists, biomedical/cancer researchers or health care professionals. The       Department offers courses in microbiology, botany, zoology, genetics, molecular biology, cancer biology and   other advanced biological disciplines.  The Department has the philosophy of providing undergraduate research experience to all biology majors, enabling them to enroll in competitive advance degree programs and specialized career pathways.  Additionally, the Biology Program provides opportunities for non-biology majors to take courses in the biological sciences providing them with a broad undergraduate experience.

The biology curriculum provides students with a variety of skills and competencies:  (1) imparting basic knowledge in the biological sciences; (2) providing current information on cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation; and (3) making available opportunities to interact with Wash Metropolitan Area communities by conducting seminars, workshops, forums; serving as lecturers, science fair advisors/judges and much more in an attempt to improve the quality of life in the District of Columbia


Student Last NameAdvisorBldg 44/RmEmailPhone
A,Q,I,G,W,M,FDr. Rosie Sneed200-08rsneed@udc.edu274.6022
N,C,B,L,S,K,RDr. Karen Redden200-08kredden@udc.edu274.5833
O,E,D,V,J,H,P, SeniorsDr. Freddie Dixon200-06fdixon@udc.edu274.6474
X,Z,T Y,U, Seniors & PremedDr. Carolyn Cousin200-07ccousin@udc.edu274.5874
Seniors (By Appointment)Dr. Deepak Kumar103dkumar@udc.edu274.7401

Bachelor of Science degree in Biology

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The requirement is the completion of 124 credit hours.

Year 1 Semester 1
Course NumberCourse Name 
IGED 110Foundation Writing I3
MATH 113Pre Calculus with Trigonometry I3
CHEM 111Chemistry I Lecture3
CHEM 113Chemistry I Lab1
ORTN 101Freshman Orientation1
BIOL 101Biological Science I Lecture3
BIOL 103Biological Science I Lab1
Year 1 Semester 2
IGED 111Foundations Writing II3
MATH 114Pre Calculus with Trigonometry II3
CHEM 112General Chemistry II Lecture3
CHEM 114General Chemistry II Lab1
BIOL 102Biological Science II Lecture3
BIOL 104Biological Science Science II Lab1
IGED 140Foundation in Ethics & Values3
Year 2 - Semester 3
IGED 210Discovery Expository Writing in the Arts & Sciences3
MATH 215Calculus for Business, Social and Life Sciences4
BIOL 225Invertebrate Zoology Lecture3
BIOL 224Invertebrate Zoology Lab1
CHEM 231Organic Chemistry I Lecture3
CHEM 233Organic Chemistry I Lab2
Year 2 - Semester 4
IGED 250Discovery of Effective Use of Technology3
IBED 130Foundations in Oral Communications3
CHEM 232Organic Chemistry II Lecture3
CHEM 234Organic Chemistry II Lab2
BIOL 235Botany Lecture3
BIOL 234Botany Lab1
Year 3 - Semester 5
IGED 270Discovery Diversity3
PHYS 101Introduction to College Physics I Lecture3
PHYS 103Introduction to College Physics I Lab1
BIOL 241General Microbiology I Lecture3
BIOL 240General Microbiology I Lab1
BIOL 331Cell and Molecular Biology Lecture3
BIOL 330Cell and Molecular Biology Lab1
Year 3 - Semester 6
BIOL 3##*Biology Elective #1 (300 Level or above)4
PHYS 102Introduction to College Physics II Lecture3
PHYS 104Introduction to College Physics II Lab1
BIOL 361General Genetics Lecture3
BIOL 360General Genetics Lab1
BIOL 3##*Biology Elective #2 (300 Level of above)3
Year 4 - Semester 7
IGED 391Frontier Exploration and Inquiry Capstone 12
CHEM 462Biochemistry I Lecture (not required but strongly suggested)3
CHEM 463Biochemistry I Lab (not required but strongly suggested)2
BIOL 3##*Biology Elective #3 (300 Level or above)4
 University Elective3
Year 4 - Semester 8
PHIL 105Introduction to Logic3
IGED 280Discovery Civics3
BIOL 493 or 494Senior Seminar (satisfies req. for "writing course in major"2
BIOL 3##*Biology Elective #4 (300 Level or above)4
 University Elective3


At least 120 college-level credit hours must be obtained to receive a B.S. in Biology.

* Each student must take 4 biology electives1 (4 credits, 300 level and above).

Cancer Causes and Prevention (200 level course) may be used as Biology elective.

Physiology or Ecology (200 level courses) may be used as Biology electives.

University electives are courses of choice along with proper prerequisites, taken in any Department.