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Welcome to Interdisciplinary Art/Studio Concentration

The Interdisciplinary Art/Studio Arts degree incorporates several traditional art disciplines including painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, and sculpture. Students are prepared with courses in conceptual thinking, drawing, design, photography, and digital media. Advanced studio and art history courses help students to synthesize diverse art techniques and theories.

Since the interdisciplinary art degree incorporates many different techniques and disciplines, our graduates have the skills and knowledge to succeed in several art careers. Careers in the arts include animator, book designer, art therapist, art teacher, sculptor, ceramicist, gallery manager, landscape and portrait painter, installation artist, makeup and special effects artist, textile designer, art conservator, display designer, costume designer, theatrical set designer, cartoonist, art director, and illustrator.

All of the requirements for the Interdisciplinary Art/Studio Concentration degree are listed below. Information on the Interdisciplinary Art/Photography Concentration B.A. degree and the Graphic Design B.F.A. can be found separately on the UDC website under Baccalaureate Programs. For information on all art degrees, please contact Professor Daniel Venne, Art Program coordinator, at 202.274.5781, or at

Bachelor's Degree in Art / Interdisciplinary Art: Studio Art

Program for 4-year degree

Semester I (Fall)
Course NumberCourse Name
1101-105Foundations of Design
1105-101Introduction to Drawing
1104-109Digital Applications
Semester II (Spring)
Course NumberCourse Name
1105-105Visual Thinking
1105-205Figure Drawing
1105-145Basic Digital Photography
1109 434Diagnostics (required of all students)
1109 507Speech/Hearing Disorders and Related Disciplines
Semester III (Fall)
Course NumberCourse Name
1105-231Introduction to Painting
1105-281World Art History: Ancient to Renaissance
1105-251Introduction to Sculpture
1105-261Introduction to Ceramics
1105-112Three Dimensional Design
Semester IV (Spring)
Course NumberCourse Name
1105-241Introduction to Printmaking
1105-282World Art History: Renaissance to Contemporary
1105-394Illustration Techniques
1105-112Three Dimensional Design
Semester V (Fall)
Course NumberCourse Name
1105-331Advanced Printing
1105-124Computer Art
1105-201Computer Illustration
 Art History Elective
Semester VI (Spring)
Course NumberCourse Name
1105-303Advanced Figure Drawing
1105-341Advanced Printmaking
Semester VII (Fall)
Course NumberCourse Name
1105-480Level Interdisciplinary Art I
 Art History Elective
 Studio Elective
Semester VIII (Spring)
Course NumberCourse Name
1105-481Level Interdisciplinary Art II

In addition to the listed studio requirements, Interdisciplinary Art students must also take an additional 12 credits of elective courses. These may include additional Art History or studio art classes. Please note that these electives are not the same as your General Education Requirements.

The University has specific requirements for all four-year programs, to be integrated into your regular course of study to complement your major;

Foreign Languages     6 credit hours
Philosophy   3 credit hours
Fine Arts*    3 credit hours
English Composition   6 credit hours
(completed in the first 2 years)
Literature/Advanced Writing   6 credit hours
Social Sciences**     6 credit hours
(3 of which completed in the first 2 years)
Mathematics***     6 credit hours
(3 of which completed in the first 2 years)
Natural Sciences****    6 credit hours
(3 of which completed in the first 2 years)

*Selected from outside the major: music, drama, dance.

**Social Science courses may be selected from the offerings in Psychology, Sociology, Economics, History, Social Welfare, Geography, Political Science, and Urban Studies. Students enrolled in the 2-year program may substitute one 3-credit course in Philosophy for the required Social Science.

***Only Mathematics courses numbered MATH-100 and above.

****Lab courses only

IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition to the listed general education courses, students working toward the B.A. must select 4 credit hours from one of the following: Physical Education, Health, Personal and Community, Speech, or an additional Natural Science.        

ART EDUCATION MAJORS must also complete the requirements of the Education Department for the intended teaching level.