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Admission to Teacher Education

Students who wish to major in a teacher education program must apply for admission to the Department of Education?s Teacher Education Program. Transfer students with 45 or more credit hours of college level work may apply during the first semester of enrollment in the University after consultation with an academic advisor. Others may apply during the second semester of the sophomore year or the first semester of the junior year.

Application forms and related information are available in the Department of Education as well as in each academic department that offers a teacher education program. Students must meet the following criteria to be accepted into the teacher education program:

  1. Complete a minimum of 45 credit hours of college-level work, of which 30 hours must be general education requirements. Students must have earned a "C" or better in College Mathematics I and II and English Composition I and II.
  2. Achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better.
  3. Submit a typed autobiographical sketch consisting of approximately 250 words.
  4. Earn a qualifying score on the Praxis I Examinations (Academic Skills Assessments in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics).
  5. Submit two original copies of the Recommendation Forms that must be completed by persons who have knowledge of your potential to become an effective teacher.
  6. Submit the Work Experience Form that shows evidence of a voluntary or salaried experience working with children in an organized program.
  7. Have an interview with the Admissions Committee of the Teacher Education Council.

The Admissions Committee of the Teacher Education Council and the Chairperson of the Department of Education will make a decision regarding acceptance into the Teacher Education Program.