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College Administration
Dean April Massey, Ph.D.
Associate Dean Academic Affairs - Lena Walton, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Students - James Maiden, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Development, Outreach, Partnerships and Communication - Ms. Kemmell Watson
Office Manager - Ms. Wilma Thompson
Staff Assistant - Mr. Terry D. Best

About the Department of Education

The Department of Education, one of the nine academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, administers both pre-service and in-service professional education programs for the University of the District of Columbia. In keeping with the mission of the University of the District of Columbia, the Department's programs and activities are designed to respond to the University's responsibilities as an urban land-grant institution. To this end, the Department of Education (a) seeks to prepare certified teachers and other professionals who desire leadership roles in diverse human service settings, and (b) provides an adequate foundation of advanced study for students to continue their educational preparation.

The mission of the Department of Education is expressed in the theme: Renewing the Legacy of Excellence. The Department embraces the idea that excellence is demonstrated by adhering to the beliefs and principles espoused in its conceptual framework and summarized in its vision - to prepare excellent educational professionals who possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to transform schools for the 21st Century to ensure that all children learn.

In addition to a variety of curricular offerings that range from child development through gerontological education (see Institute of Gerontology in this section), the Department of Education provides for systematic admission procedures into its teacher education and related certification programs; engages in collaborative efforts with the District of Columbia Public Schools and other local agencies; provides on-site practical experiences in its Child Development Center; prepares students to be competitively involved in research, education, and service delivery for urban elders; and provides training, consultation, and technical assistance to community agencies and organizations.

The degrees offered at the undergraduate level include an Associate in Arts in Child Development; Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education; Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education; Bachelor of Arts in Special Education; and Bachelor of Science in Health Education.

At the graduate level, the Department of Education offers a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Arts degree in Special Education.

In addition, the Department of Education also offers certification courses for teachers in the areas foreign languages, art, music, mathematics, social studies, English, special education, and adult education.

Through the baccalaureate programs in nursing, sociology, social work, and health education, individuals who desire advanced skills and knowledge without committing to a degree program may receive a Certificate in Gerontology.

The Department of Education has infused technological tools throughout the curriculum, especially in the methodology courses, in an effort to prepare students to teach in the technologically driven society of the 21st century.

The Department of Education is accredited by the National Council for Certification of Teacher Education (NCATE). The State approved teacher certification programs are in foreign languages, art, music, mathematics, social studies, English, special education, early childhood education, and elementary education. The Department holds membership in the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE).

The institutional pass rate, required by Higher Education (HEA) - Title II, for teacher candidate completers from the Department of Education was 95% for 2000-2001;100% in 2001-2002; and 100% in 2002-2003.