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Community Resource & Economic Development and the Center for Cooperatives

Community Resource and Economic Development and the Center for Cooperatives offer programs to improve the welfare and economic well-being of District residents through business and career development, financial planning, coop/community economic development and housing improvement practices. Seminars, workshops, technical assistance and advocacy activities are also conducted in four theme areas: promoting business, financial planning, coop and community economic development, and leadership and organized development for District residents, organizations and businesses.

Community Resource & Economic Development and the Center for Cooperatives offer the following, to help improve District residents’ quality of life:

  • CRED High School Financial Literacy/FDIC Money Smart
    The University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Cooperative Extension Service (CES) Community Resource & Economic Development (CRED) offers a financial planning program to high school students starting in the 9th grade.  Young residents are trained in financial literacy as they learn about financial planning as they prepare to become fiscally responsible adults.  The financial training is sponsored by the FDIC Money Smart Program in partnership with the UDC’s Cooperative Extension Service’s Community Resource and Environmental Development Program.    Program participants are trained using the FDIC Money Smart Curriculum which consists of 10 instructor-led training modules that cover basic financial topics.  The subject matter begins with a description of deposits and credit services offered by financial institutions and moves progressively to topics such as choosing and maintaining a checking account, the mechanics of budgeting, the importance of saving, and how to obtain and use credit effectively.
  • CRED Financial Planning /FDIC Money Smart
    The CRED Financial Planning Program is designed to help create prosperous communities, nurturing neighborhoods, and strong families in Washington, D.C.  The course helps participants acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve financial security in life.  The CES/CRED Basic Financial Planning Program participants range from freshman-college students to senior citizens, ex-offenders, and financially vulnerable individuals.  Participants acquire basic financial knowledge, skills, and motivation to build financial security. The Program focuses on behavioral change, starting with achieving financial self-sufficiency, then stability. CRED uses the FDIC Money Smart Financial Education for Adult Financial Education.