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Where: Building 38 A-Level

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Understanding Federal Student Opportunities

The federal government is filled with a wealth of opportunities for students from internships to full time employment that will give you the real world experience you need to achieve your career goals.

What Kinds of Federal Jobs are There?
The important thing to understand is that no matter what your major, you skills can be used in many different agencies. So do not “stereotype” the agencies.  The IRS hires more than accounting majors and the FBI hires more than criminal justice majors.  For more information about how you and your major fits within the federal government please visits .

Student Internships
The federal government offers a wide variety of internships for students at all levels of their academic career (freshman, sophomore, etc).  Unfortunately, all the opportunities are not in one centralized online database which means you need to do a little extra work.  Here are the areas where you can find those opportunities:

  • Agency websites – some agencies only post their internship opportunities on their websites so if you are interested in a particular agency visit their website
  • Firebird Jobs – quite often agencies will contact our office to advertise federal internships.  We post those positions in Firebird Jobs.
  • - provides great information about the Pathways Programs for college students and recent grads.
  • – this site is run by the Office of Personnel Management and agencies will use it to advertise their opportunities.