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Tips For Success at a Job Fair

Identify Companies and Do Research

  • Identify the companies that are seeking hires with your major or the companies you are really interested in.  If a company you are interested in is currently not hiring, talk to them anyway.  They may be hiring in the future. 
  • Do research on that company.  Know their available positions, what they produce, and their available services.

What to Wear

  • The event is professional.  It is recommended that you wear a conservative suit. Be sure your accessories are kept to a minimum, your shoes are polished, and refrain from wearing cologne or perfume (an employer might be allergic).


  • You must think of the Job Fair as a way to network and make contacts within a company that could potentially lead to a job or internship.
  • You will most likely not be offered a job on the spot, but you should treat each meeting as a preliminary or screening interview.

Arrive at Very Beginning

  • Remember, “The early bird gets the worm”. Not many people are at the fair when it first starts so you will have the complete attention of the recruiter.
  • Recruiters are likely to be less tired than they would be at the end of the fair.

Have Resumes/a Portfolio in a Professional Notebook

  • Depending on the number of companies you plan to visit, you should have at least 15-25 resumes prepared and printed on quality resume paper.
  • Make sure your e-mail and contact information is up to date and listed on each page of your resume.
  • Have a professional notebook so you can keep your resumes neat.  You can also use that notebook to take notes and write down company contact information.

What to Say

  • If you are looking for a job: Approach the company recruiter in a very friendly way and simply say “Hi, my name is                                     .  My major is (was)                   .  I graduate in     .   I have done some research on your Web site and am interested in the                               position at your company.  I would like to tell you a little about my background.
  • If you are looking for an internship: Approach the company recruiter in a very friendly way and simply say “Hi, my name is                                     .  My major is                .  I would like to talk with you about potential internship opportunities at your company or what qualities you look for in permanent hires. (Remember you are networking – they may not give you an internship now, but the relationship that you start to develop could lead to a permanent position when you graduate.)

Get Business Cards and E-mail Addresses, then FOLLOW UP

  • You want to get the recruiter’s contact information so you can follow up with them, especially if they have positions available. 
  • If you get an e-mail address, send an e-mail to them thanking them for their time. 

Most companies will tell you to apply online; make sure to do this as close to the day of the fair as possible.