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Steps to Finding a Job

Step 1

Research your profession or industry.

Researching your profession and/or industry is critical because you have to understand the jobs available to you in.  You can start researching your industry by simple Google searches like...”Entry Level Jobs in…” or “Job for New College Graduates in…”  Once you start understanding more about jobs, take note of the key industry terms and skills.  You will need them for your resume, cover letter and job search.

Step 2

Create your resume.

A resume is the employers first impression of you. You want to make sure it is strong. If you already have a resume make sure it is critiqued by your Career Services Department.  If you do not have a resume, please visit the resume tutorial at Quintessential Careers to learn how to write a resume.


Step 3

Build Your Network and Start Your Job Search

You must approach a job search from all angles.  Not only should you apply to jobs online but you also need to network.  For more information, regarding networking, please visit (WEB ADDRESS).  For a list of online job databases that we recommend for students, please click here.  Now remember, you need to use at least 7-8 online job databases as well as visiting the websites of companies of where you would like to work.

Step 4

Follow Up on Your Applications

After you submit an application, make sure you follow up one week later on that submission when possible.  Sometimes you are not given contact in the job description to do this but take the extra effort to seek out the contact information to the human resources department to follow up with them. This is important because applications can get lost or may be considered incomplete so the follow up can stop those problems.  The only time you do not follow up is when they say in the job description “No Calls, please” or when you cannot find their contact information.

Step 5

Going on the Interview

Hopefully after submitting numerous (and we mean numerous) of applications, you will get some interviews.  Make sure you are prepared for the interview.  Review the information here and if you need additional help visit your Career Services Department and schedule a mock interview.

Step 6

Write a Thank You Note

It is very important to write a thank you note after your interview.

Job Search Expectations -  job search can be very frustrating because there can be a lot of rejection.
When starting a job search you must consider few things:

  • Is your resume up to date and has it been critiqued by a career counselor in your Career Services Department?

  • Do you have the right expectation of long it can take when looking for a job?  In general, in can take 6+ when looking for a career focused job

  • Have you done your research into your industry and understand the jobs available?

  • Have you started networking in your career field?

  • Have you identified at least 7- 8 online job databases