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Networking and Professional Associations

Everyone has heard the saying, “It is not what you know but who you know” and unfortunately that is true for many workplaces.  For that reason to be successful in your career you must network.

Starting a Network

Many students do not even know where to start when it comes to networking but it is much easier than you think.  Here is a list of places and people to contact when you are starting to network

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Classmates

  • Faculty

What to Say

When you approach a family member, friend, classmate or faculty, you ask them for information or their advice about a career field.  Or, you ask them for information on how to apply at their organization.  You do not ask them for job.  Remember, you network to gather information and hopefully personal referral to an organization.

Where to Network

Beyond your family, friends, classmates and faculty, you need to start to network in your career field.  You can do this through Professional Associations, Student Clubs and Student Organization.  It is very important to get involved with these groups because it helps strengthen your resume.  Also, these groups will have functions where employers will come looking to hire individuals

Find your Professional Association by clicking this link.

Find UDC Student Clubs and Student Organizations by clicking this link.

Online Networking  - A lot of networking now occurs online through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.  These online tools are great ways to start a network and we do recommend that you start a Linked In page for yourself to start networking professionally online.

BEWARE...employers are watching your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter so make sure everything that you are posting is appropriate for a future employer to see.