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Finding an Internship

Before you start your Internship search be sure you have a good resume. You can submit your resume to be critiqued.  Click on the Contact a Career Counselor logo.

You must approach an internship from two different directions

  1. Looking for internships online
  2. Seeking out the opportunity

Looking For Internship Online

When looking for opportunities online you want to be sure you are utilizing at least 7-8 different online resources as well as visiting the websites of companies where you are interested in an internship

Recommended Sites

Big Apple HeadVariety Careers
BUNAC - Work and Volunteer AbroadVolunteer Placements
DynamyThe Washington Center
ECO's Environmental Placement ServicesThe Washington Semester
Entertainment JobsYou And The Smithsonian
Everett Public Service InternshipsInroads
Intern Abroad 
Rising Star Internships 

The Un-Tapped Internship Market - Faster Than the Online Search

Did you know that 75% of the internship opportunities available are not advertised.  So it is important to tap into those opportunities.  Below is a process that you can use.

  1. Identify the employers in your field and in your area

    1. To do the this visit the website Superpages .  Click on "Advanced Search".  Type in your career field (ex. Accounting) in the Key Word Search field.  Check the "Search by Distance Box" and pick your miles then enter your zip code.  Click "Search

    2. You will now have a list of employers in your field.  You will see that Superpages even categorizes some of the information.  You will have access to their phone numbers and in some cases their websites

  2. Now, all you have to do is place a call to the organization.  You will ask for the Human Resources Department and say, "I am a student at the University of the District of Columbia majoring in ???  I am looking for an internship.  Does your organization offer internships to college students?

  3. When you get a positive response you want to get their contact information and email them your resume and cover letter immediately.  You will normally get a positive response 2 out of every 10 employers so if you identify a list of 30 employer you will normally have 6 that are interested.

The ADVANTAGE of seeking out the opportunity is you are not competing with anyone.  If they have the opportunity, they probably have not been active in recruiting for it,  as opposed to applying online where you are competing with students from all over.

PLEASE NOTE:  With any internship opportunity, please have discussion with the employer as to what you will be doing. You want to make sure it relates to your field.