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Career & Professional Development Center
(Career Services)

General Office Contact Information
Email: Telephone: 202.274.6920
Location: Building 38 | Floor A | Room A15 | Van Ness Campus
4200 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20008

Employer Sponsorship Program

The Employer Sponsorship Program is a $2000 contribution that will go towards the development of strong student career development programming.  Through this contribution you will also be able to significantly increase your visibility among the UDC student population through the following benefits.

  • Opportunity to attend all UDC Job Fairs free of charge for 1 year
  • Opportunity to provide us with your logo to be placed on the Career and Professional Development Center’s homepage for 1 year.  That logo will be linked to your organization’s career webpage.
  • Ability to create 2 customized emails promoting your organization’s job/ internship opportunities which will be sent to the UDC student population.  The email will be reviewed by Center’s Director to ensure it contains the appropriate content for the student population
  • Any active position in our online job database Firebird Jobs for your organization will be a “Featured Position” in the bi-monthly emails to students for a 1 year time period.
  • Allowing UDC Career and Professional Development display your company logo and key hiring message on monitors throughout campus for 1 month.
  • Opportunities to participate in special events as classroom speakers and connect with student clubs and organizations.

If you are interested in becoming UDC Employer Sponsor, please contact Katie Nailler, Director of Career and Professional Development at 202.274.6858 or email