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Career & Professional Development Center
(Career Services)

General Office Contact Information
Email: Telephone: 202.274.6920
Location: Building 38 | Floor A | Room A15 | Van Ness Campus
4200 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20008

Career Services Staff Contact Info

Career and Professional Development Center (Van Ness Main Campus/Flagship)
Building 38, Floor A, Room A-15
Last NameFirst NameTitlePhoneEmailOffice Location
MoffettJaredDirector of Career Services202-274-6858jared.moffett@udc.eduBldg. 38, Rm. A-14
Willie-BongloMameiOffice Manager202-274-7147mamei.williebonglo@udc.eduBldg. 38, Rm. A-15
Shands-StrongDr. SandraCareer Counselor/Student Development Counselor
202-274-5526sshandsstrong@udc.eduBldg. 38, Rm. A-16
PleskoJamieCareer Counselor
202-274-5347jamie.plesko@udc.eduBldg. 38, Rm. A-19
WilsonTakishaCareer Counselor
202-274-5786takisha.wilson@udc.eduBldg. 38, Rm. A-17
ContiLuEllenCoordinator of Employment Outreach (JLD)202-274-6932luellen.conti@udc.eduBldg. 38, Rm. A-20


Career Services Center (Community College)
Last NameFirst NameTitlePhoneEmailOffice Location
LaneyIvanDirector of Career Services202-274-7236ivan.laney@udc.eduBldg. 53, Rm. 204
GriffinH.Y.Career Counselor (UDC-CC)202-274-6184hy.griffin@udc.eduBldg. 53, Rm. 204


Career and Professional Development Center (Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning)
Last NameFirst NameTitlePhoneEmailOffice Location
LiberaLaurenAssistant Director of Student Success for Career Services202-274-6972lauren.libera@udc.eduBldg. 56, Rm. 307


Career and Professional Development Center (David A. Clarke School of Law)
Last NameFirst NameTitlePhoneEmailOffice Location
O’BrienDavidDirector of Career Services202-274-5722david.obrien@udc.eduBldg. 52, Rm. 438
JonesAdrienneAssistant Director of Career Services202-274-5582adrienne.jones3@udc.eduBldg. 52, Rm. 440