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Academic Support Center

Main Office
Engineering Building | Building 32, B-Level B103 | phone 202.274.5938

Helping students excel through tutoring, skill-building workshops, and resource referrals


The ASC will be open during the spring break.  The core hours will be 10-6 Monday-Friday

Who Are We?

Tutors in both the Writing Lab and Math Lab are highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students who are not only skilled in their respective fields, but who also have demonstrated their capacity to break down difficult concepts. Moreover, they are trained and certified by UDC professors,  which means that Academic Support Center staff and tutors are familiar with the rigors of various courses as well as the expectations of their respective instructors.

How Can We Help You?

Due to our close relationship with UDC Professors, the ASC is better prepared to help you overcome any challenge you may encounter.   Specifically, our Writing Lab and Math Lab maintain close contact with instructors so that tutors can anticipate and/or address issues frequently seen in the classroom. This also means that many of the workshops hosted by the ASC throughout the year are designed in response to requests made by UDC teaching staff, and some will be led by the professors themselves. Yet we will also sponsor workshops that focus on other topics that can help you excel in higher education, such as time management, study skills and many more. Make sure to keep your eyes open to learn about these events, or visit our website ( for more information.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

The ASC  works closely with other University departments to guarantee that students take advantage of the many resources available at UDC. If we believe a student might benefit from taking another course we will arrange a meeting with an academic advisor on their behalf. Ultimately, if an issue emerges that is not of an academic nature, the ASC will refer students to other trained professionals who can help. With such an extensive support network for students, in addition to our highly trained work staff, the only question remaining is why wouldn’t you come see us?

Office Hours
ASC's hours of operation change each semester. Please call 274.5938 for the latest schedule.

Walk-in tutorials are for up to 30 minutes. For longer tutorials, please call 202.274.5938 or email