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Academic Support Center

Main Office
Engineering Building | Building 32, B-Level B103 | phone 202.274.5938

Helping students excel through tutoring, skill-building workshops, and resource referrals


The ASC will be open during the spring break.  The core hours will be 10-6 Monday-Friday


The Academic Support Center is designed to provide unparalleled education services to UDC students, offering multiple learning opportunities such as face-to-face tutoring, instructional workshops and a computer lab equipped with learning software. However, the ASC’s main focus remains tutoring, which is why center support staff is prepared to address nearly any issue a student may encounter with an assignment, class or subject. In addition, the ASC realizes that many students have multiple responsibilities, so we offer flexible hours that accommodate nearly any schedule. Finally, the ASC maintains close relationships with teaching faculty and staff from other students services, so if an issue that is beyond the purview of a tutor should arise they can immediately refer students to someone who can help.


Tutors for math and language are not always available, so make sure to check hours of availability on the ASC website Tutor Schedule before dropping in.

Subjects We Currently Tutor

English Composition & Literature, Math (Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Cal), French I & II, Spanish I & II

Guidelines For Tutoring Sessions

  • The ASC is not a homework service. Rather, the center employs highly skilled tutors to assist students with any issues they may encounter with a subject and provide them with the skills necessary to solve similar problems in the future. Any meeting is meant to be an active learning experience.
  • When seeking assistance with an assignment that is due the same day, ASC tutors will try to help but the session will likely be less rewarding. Regardless how much a tutor helps there will still be things left to work on, so make sure to come with enough time.
  • Issues with assignments often stem from confusion about the nature of the assignment or the instructor’s expectations. In order for tutors to fully understand what is being asked, students must bring the assignment prompt, if not the course syllabus. Also, students seeking help with a paper must bring either two printed copies or a copy on a USB flash drive for editing purposes.
  • UDC students should never hesitate to visit the ASC and utilize its multifaceted services. However, students should not visit more than three times in one week for tutoring in the same subject. This ensures that enough time has been given to absorb and apply what was learned during the previous sessions. In addition, when many students are waiting to see a tutor, the session will end after thirty-minutes. However, you can schedule appointments for an uninterrupted hour-long session at Make sure to include your contact information as well as a brief description of the issue(s) you are having.

Meet the Tutors

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Office Hours
ASC's hours of operation change each semester. Please call 274.5938 for the latest schedule.

Walk-in tutorials are for up to 30 minutes. For longer tutorials, please call 202.274.5938 or email