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Academic Support Center

Main Office
Engineering Building | Building 32, B-Level B103 | phone 202.274.5938

Helping students excel through tutoring, skill-building workshops, and resource referrals


The ASC will be open during the spring break.  The core hours will be 10-6 Monday-Friday


The Academic Support Center (ASC) at the University of the District of Columbia supports the academic development and educational goals of all students within the university's diverse community.
We offer assistance in time management and procrastination, effective writing, note taking, critical thinking, memory skills, and test taking. Graduate students can receive assistance in writing research papers or preparing for comprehensive exams. International students may want help with writing or with the transition to the American classroom. Student-athletes work with dedicated tutors who provide academic support as well, and first-year students can take advantage of the services offered to better adapt to the college environment.

ASC Learning Resources

  • Writing Lab appointments
  • Study skills and writing workshops
  • Referrals for peer tutors
  • Supplemental Instruction (group tutoring in traditionally difficult classes)
  • Individual tutoring in time management, reading and note taking strategies, and exam preparation

Top Ten Tips for Academic Success

  1. Keep your syllabus handy for each class. It is your guide for the entire semester. Note exams, papers, and projects on a semester calendar.
  2. Talk with your professors and your academic advisor.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the campus and its resources.
  4. Set priorities in your life and get control of your time.
  5. Arrange a regular study area - comfortable, but not TOO comfortable - where you are most effective.
  6. Develop successful study strategies for reading textbooks, taking notes, and studying for exams and meet with your academic advisor
  7. Continually improve your writing skills. For instance, visit the Writing Lab or Writing Center.
  8. Take academic integrity seriously. Consult a writer's handbook, a faculty member, a reference librarian, or seek writing assistance if you're not sure how to cite sources or what constitutes plagiarism.
  9. Stay healthy and reduce stress. Sleep 6 to 8 hours every night, eat well, exercise regularly, and have fun.
  10. Ask for help when you need it, before there is a problem and meet with your academic advisor.  


Mon & Wed - 10am - 8pm
Tues & Thur - 10 am - 6pm
Fri - 10am - 5pm
Sat - 12pm - 4pm

Subjects We Currently Tutor

  • English Composition & Literature,
  • Math (Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Cal)
  • French I & II,
  • Spanish I & II

Office Hours
ASC's hours of operation change each semester. Please call 274.5938 for the latest schedule.

Walk-in tutorials are for up to 30 minutes. For longer tutorials, please call 202.274.5938 or email