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Resources for Academic Support

Tools for Academic Success

Here is a list of Tools for Academic Success. Click on a link and a PDF file will open in a new window to view the brochure.

Active Reading
Note-Taking [under construction]
Time Management
Writing a Basic Essay

Free Online Resources

Below is a list of online resources for mathematics, writing, languages, and study skills.


KHAN Academy ( provides instructional videos and practice problems in mathematics, science, history, economics, and more. All tutorials are led by one instructor. can view videos of different instructors solving the same math problem. One of the instructors provides the explanation in Spanish. uses certified math instructors to teach a particular math lessons. As instructors include senior professors, new professors, unorthodox professors, tutors, and students, each viewer can find a video that matches her/his learning style. contains lessons and references to help students gain self-confidence in algebra. provides step-by-step solutions to math problems.

Writing Resources


Guide to Grammar & Writing is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation and provides references for 427 references to grammar, writing, and principles of composition. It also contains interactive quizzes and a log of questions asked by users with the answers provided by experts.

Grammar Bytes is an interactive website providing information, presentations, and exercises on every aspect of common grammar.

Comprehensive Writing

OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University offers over 200 resources on writing, research, grammar and mechanics, style guides, and more.

LEO (Literacy Education Online) provides a wealth of handouts on a variety of writing topics.

Sample Essay Outlines

Review an outline of an essay in MLA format.

Review an outline of an essay in APA style.

Review an outline structure for a Literary Analysis.

Sample Formatted Papers

MLA-style Literature paper

MLA Research Paper

APA Research Paper:

Chicago Research Paper:

Websites with Citation Style Guides

Comparative Citation



A Guide to Writing APA Style Research Papers

Spanish Languages Resources has tutorials on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, verbs, travel, cultural notes and idioms.

Spanish video course for beginners

General Resources

Quizlet is a free website providing learning tools for students, including flashcards, study, and game modes. Create your own flashcards. Use as an APP on your smartphone.

Use to create your own flashcards or use sets created by others. Use as an APP on your smartphone.

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