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First Time in College Student Admissions

UDC combines relevant academics, affordability and the best of everything Washington, DC offers into an exciting university experience. There is only one U.S. capital city. There is only one UDC.

UDC Delivers a Unique College Experience

Choose UDC, and you won’t just earn a degree. You’ll gain access to an entire community of people, resources and opportunities that only a school in the District can provide.

UDC also serves the unique needs of first-time college students. In fact, many of our students are the first in their families to take this step.

That’s why UDC focuses on quality, value and strong student life, through:

  • Access to majors that target top careers
  • Expert professors who focus on teaching and learning
  • Vibrant location and campus life
  • Affordable tuition

Choose from UDC’s fully accredited academic majors in fields such as mechanical engineering, business management, nutrition and dietetics, social work and mortuary science.

Mechanical Engineering

Business Management

Nutrition and Dietetics

Social Work

Mortuary Science

Freshman (First-Time College Student)

  1. You seek either an Associate degree or a Bachelor’s degree from UDC
  2. You have graduated from high school or successfully passed the GED but have not attended any other college or university (either inside or outside the U.S.).

Take the Next Steps, Today!

We invite you to visit to learn more about our green roof, new engineering laboratories and the student center that is now in progress.

More information: step-by-step admissions guide , admissions standards and application documents

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