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Application Priority Deadlines

TermUS StudentsInternational Students
FallMay 15Apr 15
SpringOct 15Sep 15
SummerApr 15Mar 15
No Graduate admissions for Summer term.*
 *The Homeland Security Graduate Program (MS) will offer summer admissions.

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Office of Recruitment and Admissions

The Office of Recruitment & Admissions at The University of the District of Columbia executes timely orderly processing of admissions/re-admissions applications for prospective and returning students. Specifically, the Office: disseminates appropriate admissions related materials to potential applicants; accepts and processes applications for new and returning students; creates applicant folders for all new students; evaluates transcripts and grants advance standing to eligible students; responds to admissions related questions from prospective or returning students; retrieves and distributes mail and other documents that affect the status of applications; interfaces with academic departments to evaluate academic transcripts, and communicates with individuals regarding the status of their applications, transcripts, and other pertinent information.

Most new students are admitted to the University of the District of Columbia for the fall and spring semesters, although some students may apply for admission during the summer term (See academic calendar for the exact dates). Secondary school students may apply for admission to the University any time following the completion of their junior year of high school.

Application forms and additional information describing the programs offered by the various colleges at the University, the admission procedures, and other rules and regulations can be obtained by writing or visiting the Office of Recruitment & Admissions, 4200 Connecticut Avenue NW, Building 39, A-Level, Washington, DC 20008, 202.274.6155

Enrollment Management Officers (EMOs) - Undergraduate

Linthicum, Andrea

Territory: All domestic - Non-Degree and Re-Admit Students

Fulwood, Thaddisa

Territory: International Undergraduate, International Graduate

McKay, Sheila

Territories:All First Time in College Students – Last Name (L-Z), All Metro Recruitment

Graduate Programs Recruiter

Sewer-Gunthrope, AkuaTerritory: Graduate, Professional Studies, and

Transfer Admissions Counselor Staff

Harrison, Tim

Office of Financial Aid

202.274.5060 | FAFSA school code number: 007015